Welcome to my site where I post projects, ideas and test WordPress Themes, Plugins and functionality for MAD Webkeeper participants. No worry about political stumping on this site that venting is on my Blogger site A Peon Perspective. This isn’t about family, friends, jokes or other Internet social activities that is better suited for the likes of Facebook, Tumblr and similar social mediums.  Seasonal Scribble is about my thoughts on food, shelter, sustainability, communication, and the technology and economics that drive today’s means of surviving.

Why seasonal as a domain? Simply because I’m busy with many activities not including having a life and this site is to output my findings as I venture through the many aspects of my endeavors. I may sit down and input into Seasonal Scribble as little as 4 times a year, but I do need to establish a regime. So my goal is at a minimum to labor on this site at least once a season.

My goal is to post relevant content to inform and receive quality feedback in ideas and resources to help each other improve our end result. There’s no membership just honest clean participation, as I do on other sites. To avoid what I determine non-quality post this site is set up that I must approve all comments. The best way to stay up-to-date on when I randomly post is to subscribe to the RSS feed, a practice I do on sites of interest. Or follow me on the many social networks that I subscribe to and exercise in order to keep up with all generations.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to form lasting relationships.


Henry O’Donnell (AKA Hank with the common user ID of Webdrifter)